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As every year, from the trees which seem without life, dried up by the cold drought of winter in Tokyo, the first buds appear. It is Spring. In a land of contrasts, the contrast of the black branch with the green life of the first leaves is but one more. The old and new, the traditional and modern, duality of ideas, of the sensations and sentiments.

In this same land, in March of 2001, friends who had in common a love for samba, a rhythm that came from a very distant land, resolved to get together and form a group where they could cultivate their passion and make it flourish.

That March the BLOCO ARRASTAO was born.

Since then, attracted by contagious rhythm of samba, more and more friends have come together. They are trying to overcome barriers inherent in comprehension and assimilation through this popular manifestation of another culture.

Without forgetting the origins of this music, which comes from Brazil, we look for ways to diffuse samba in this land, with the intention of showing or rather, catching Japanese through the force and energy that only samba possess.

It is a symbiosis of cultures.
Brazil and Japan
It is our colors, black and white.
It is the bud born on a branch without life.

Team Colors Black and White
Diretor Claudio Ishikawa
Foundation 18.Mar.2001
Members 100 (2007)

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